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AQL Warehouse, which is owned and operated by All Quality Liquidators, LLC is you Pallet supplier, specializing in Wholesale and  Return Merchandise, which include Housewares, Bedding, Tabletop and Miscellaneous Pallet sales.  AQL Warehouse was established to provide Wholesale and/or Return Merchandise Pallets at great prices.  Let us help your business meet your merchandise needs, where these pallets are filled with merchandise to support appartment/condo rentals, resale purposes or other reasons.   AQL Warehouse is owned by All Quality Liquidators, LLC., where we are able to provide quality bulk merchandise at great discounted prices.  

Our clients making pallet purchases must provide Business Sales and Use Tax Certificate information to support their business purchase, or Sales tax will be applied at checkout and collected as part of the purchase.

Our clients making pallet purchases is responsible for arranging shipping using either their own business preference and/or LTL or Truck Load Deliver options.

Terms & Conditions

Please read the following disclaimer for this website, which include terms and conditions. They govern your access and use of this website and its content. By accessing this website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and accept them in full.

Unauthorized use

You may not share, distribute or resell our information and or images and/or informational products in a modified or unmodified form via Diskette, CD, Website, or Hard-Drive. This content is protected by copyright laws.for All Quality Liquidators, LLC, which authorizes you to view and download the Materials for your personal or commercial use in support of All Quality Liquidators, Sales and Service.  You may not sell the Materials or reproduce, display, distribute, or otherwise use the Materials in any way for any commercial purpose without the written permission from All Quality Liquidators, LLC.

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An Account on this website is only available to those who can enter into a legally binding contract. This website does not permit minors (under 18) to register. If any member fails to sign up with their correct information, the account will be terminated immediately upon discovery.


General and buyers terms

This website is intended to be a friendly, enjoyable and beneficial experience. We sell liquidated and distressed merchandise such as Closeouts, overstock and Customer Returns. There are risks involved with purchasing distressed, salvaged and liquidated goods and we strongly advise you to understand all of these risks before purchasing. If you have any questions regarding the merchandise that we sell, please feel free to contact us. All items purchased on this website must be paid for in full prior to shipping. Credit card payments may be accepted at our discretion. Distribution agreements may be required before the merchandise can be shipped. The distribution agreement spells out restrictions or rules that apply to the specific merchandise you are purchasing. The distribution agreement also identifies any advertising restrictions or territorial sales restrictions that may apply. If shipping restrictions prohibit the sale of specific merchandise in your area, the sale will become void and the purchase price will be refunded. The Purchaser must be in a country that is not restricted by the Federal Reserve, SWIFT and/or other US regualtory requirements.

Buyer agrees that shortages and damages must be reported to AQL Warehouse(and/or All Quality Liquidators, LLC) customer service within two days after receipt, where AQL Warehouse does not guaratee the condition of purchased pallets.  . Customer Returns typically have a 15% – 25% damage/throw-away rate. Most Shelf Pulls, Clearance and Overstocks are typically NEW but may have damage to the packaging or have a missing component if the Pallet and/or merchandise is acquired based on the advertised product defines the contents are guaranteed and/or includes all parts and/or components.  Buyer understands that AQL Warehouse (and/or All Quality Liquidators, LLC) sells liquidated off-price distressed merchandise and makes no promises of profits to be made. All merchandise is considered salvage and is sold as is. No warranties apply. No returns, refunds, credits or exchanges.

Buyer agrees to refrain from advertising the name of the department store (or original source) from which this merchandise originated. Some of our vendors require a Distribution Agreement to be signed and on file for certain private label merchandise. This also covers the restrictions regarding the use of their name or logo in any form of advertising. In some cases, a Distribution Agreement must be signed and returned to All Quality Liquidators, LLC before the merchandise can ship (call us for details). Buyer is responsible for all related taxes, licenses, and shipping charges, unless otherwise stated above. It is hereby agreed that the laws of the State of Florida, County of Saint Lucie, will govern all matters concerning this sale. Should any dispute occur, the matter will be settled by arbitration at the discretion of  All Quallity Liquidators LLC..  Buyer agrees to hold All Quality Liquidators, LLC. harmless in all related third party disputes. These conditions of sale are considered accepted upon receipt of payment or shipment of goods.


Sales taxes

All Quality Liquidators, LLC  operating the AQLwarehouse ecommerce storefront must comply with all regulations for the collection of sales tax. Taxes are the responsibility of the  buyer as All Quality Liquidator LLC, does not collect sales tax on this website. Buyers accept full responsibility for the payment of taxes associated with their purchases.


Credit card use

We offer alternative means to pay, which save you money over using a credit card.

Considering the nature of our industry and the larger amounts of our invoices, we can only accept credit cards which are in the name of the person making this purchase. If this purchase is not going to be shipped to the address stated on the credit card statement, we will need a copy of the driver’s license of the cardholder, a voice confirmation and a data sheet completed in full.  All Quality Liquidators, LLC sells distressed merchandise such as closeouts, customer returns and shelf pulls. All merchandise is considered sold in ”as is” condition. Submitting a credit card to be charged is your acceptance of this type of merchandise and your agreement to pay these charges in full, as outlined in your agreement with your credit card company. You also agree to settle any and all disputes directly with All Quality Liquidators, LLC . AND further, agree to refrain from any action of charge back with your credit card company concerning this transaction.

All transactions on this site are subject to prior sale and final approval by All Quality Liquidators, LLC which is the owner operator of the AQL Warehouse storefront website, where purchases are conducted..

If you have any questions about these terms please contact our office for clarification.